i dont have insomnia, im not a pro photographer,i'm small in stature,i like old things; but not in that "oh i'm so pretentious and "different" way. Im predictable at times,I sneeze on the daily, i'm highly insecure. im a pro-crastinator.I like phoenetics and junk. I enjoy breaking a sewing needle every now and then and spending as little moneys as possible. swish!

happy endings are only premature
Monday, September 27, 2010

I resigned from both my shop job and my waitressing job. Why you ask? Cos I GOT A REAL JOB!! *insert singing montage here* Sick to the power of rad .

My mothers been in Spain since Friday. She keeps telling me about all her shopping experiences and none of the cultural ones. She's half Spanish half Maurituan so you'd think culture would strike her as important. her one cultural experience from what i gather made her feel ill. Bull fighting could make anyone feel ill. Its such a primitive sport.
I proceeded to look up primitive sports to back up that last sentence in a constructive way but i got sidetracked and stumbled upon this winner- .

bed calls. grown up world calls.

Fuck off.
Im busy.

1:38 PM

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Nazis gave us VW's and Hugo Boss. And genocide. Hitler, what a guy.
4:25 AM

Monday, September 20, 2010

I don't smoke but seeing as its Monday and its fashionable to HATE Mondays. I thought I'd title this post (pessimistically) so.

I started knitting again today. Another one of my attempts at passing time. Knitting is EXACTLY like riding a bike, once you've learnt how you'll know how in the future. Knitting also exhausts all your energy and makes your limbs sore (moving your hands and fingers continuously can be very demanding).I got a cramp in my hand after I cast on like 5 stitches.

After that experience I'm near certain that the inevitable aging process Ive been trying to avoid accepting has started turning its cogs into motion. I'm 22, I didn't think it would start hitting me this fast. I get piercing sinus headaches poking my brain and eyelids whenever possible, i have to turn the volume down to 22 instead of 58, i walk up the stairs and am ashamedly followed by breathing patterns very similar to that of my 70 year old grandmother.

Jesus, have i ever told you about my grandmother? She's a riot. No really.She once asked me if i had ever "got it on" with a guy before, to which i replied " jesus gran, i dont ask you what youve been up to in the bedroom!" " (thick french accent) ahhhggg *lots of hakking here* ggggroooobeen, eets all concrete down zer *gesturing towards things i would prefer her not to gesture towards*" . I'm too tired to write a well structured paragraph about her now but i will, one day. She's awesome though, like old-age home awesome.

My point?

I never have a point really, just a bunch of badly constructed sentences stringed together by and's and periods.

I wanna be old and batty. Just so people can use that word when they talk about me. Batty.

1:12 PM

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You know when famous people get asked that question "If you could meet one person in the world who would it be"?....
If i was famous and someone asked me that i'd say Liz Lee.

Listen, we here in S.A catch on late to certain things, especially if we've never had them marketed to us properly. But i caught an episode of "My Life as Liz" today and I'm hooked.

Not like i was/am hooked to True Blood but like... *JESUS!* (sorry one of my geckos just jumped against their glass door. Gecko suicide? Possibly, or it could just be the sticker of a cockroach i stuck on the geckos glass door)..anyway Liz is too awesome. I'm skeptical whether this is a reality show or a sitcom, but my skepticism still renders me fascinated.

2:41 PM

Seems with a raise in the internet accessibility in Southern Africa, being trendy has become a fashionable disease, and to some a skidmark on the less trendier underpants of others.
It's a hard disease to avoid contracting, when most of the shops we're limited to purchasing from are overflowing with floral prints , granny jesrseys and high waisted pants. Yeah it's spawned a generation of men and woman alike who get to dress up and aspiring trendies can look upon them in awe, but the attitudes that ensue are not far off from narcissistic jock mindsets.

This isn't me bashing the whole trend although sometimes websites like this want me to punch the uterus of who/whatever birthed this "Well dressed" creature thing.

I get the need to be different , the need to feel different, but should we compromise our identities to just be another lemming in a line of Bon Iver and Calvin Harris lovers. Apparently hard line drugs are cool too now. I thought the 70's died when bell bottoms were revived briefly in the 90's.

Kinda makes you miss the days of emo's and attention starved wristcutters.
No. Not really, that was an extreme and ridiculous example to use.

I mean some good has come from such trendyness. People who shopped at 2nd hand stores prior realising "hipster-ism" would flourish as it has are pissed off that their chances of getting the "good stuff" have almost become 1-10. This provides for some humour and the obvious nostalgic moments " ive been going to second hand shops before they were in fashion, it's sooooo lame".

Hold up, people who know me would want me to pull out the hypocritical thoughts im having here. Granted, i shopped at second hand shops before it came fashionable. Im still not gonna claim it. Mostly cos that'll make me one of those people who say precious things like "god, youve only heard of that band now? I don't like their new stuff, their old stuff was sooo much better". Those people piss me off. I don't wanna be one of them. Also its been said that having a blog is trendy. I'd say it's more of an ego thing. People like knowing someone else is taking time to read stuff they thought was pointless in writing. If blogs are ego boosts then so is facebook. Noone goes around trashing facebook, unless they've found out there lover cheated on there or something in that case, well done directing your rage at the real culprit, the digital world cheated on you, how uncouth.
I like having a blog , even though I'm not dedicated enough to write often , its still gets my creative juices flowing in some way or another......sorry my crude mind ran away with that last sentence.

I had a point to this entry i swear. Oh yeah, so hipster-ism or trendy-ness be what it may has its perks. More fashion students- therefore more clothes for the world, interesting blogs to consume my not-so-valuable-at-times-time, ridiculous outfits that I wouldn't even give to a homeless person but provide a good laugh all the same, and mock videos like THIS
This entry seems bi-polar,im hating and bearing at the same time. I guess the visual side of it is appealing , but the attitude is crap. Big heads and sometimes kak music make Robyn an angry girl. I think that was my point, yeah.
1:42 PM

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shit. I slacked again. Creature of habit.

So the fan on my laptop had a centimeter of dust on it.Fantastic.I want a mac. Donations?

I'm POSSIBLY going to TRY update more seeing as my laptop no longer frustrates me with TURN ON (Robyn gets excited) TURN OFF right when everyone finds out Sookies a fairy. By the way, WTF... a fairy. I loved True Blood for its gore and all the vampires intense sexual advances on anything with a sexual orifice. Now they're all like- HEY lets chuck in some fairy lights and generally feminine ambience, that way we can soften the whole storyline. Charlaine Harris, you may still be my hero but you let me down there. I don't want softening, I want death and destruction and ridiculously sexual charged vampires. There's a a reason you have a much broader following then twilight.

So I've been occupying myself with three jobs as mentioned prior. Getting extremely bored at the one, tired of being nice to people at the other and loving the third.

At the one job, I work next door to this lunatic of a man who sells antiques, I don't think I've ever met a middle aged man this funny, except for the time my sister was approached by a middle aged man at a market holding a bucket of oil saying to her in a whisper so seductive, "lets eat".
Seriously though this guy has a knack of being crude but hilarious at the same time, he has no regard for what people think of him or his opinion and he believes he can get any woman he wants through buying her food. Sadly the last assumed generalization can truthfully be said for a majority of woman,i say this cos antique man provides me with proof.

Antique man also shares a similar purchasing philosophy as me. Or an excitement, one could say, at the prospect of buying something for dirt cheap and selling it at a 800% mark up. Antique man also likes The smiths. He made me aware of this when i was playing them in the store. He asked me to play "meat is murder", told me he had the LP , shouted "Oh Morrisey for fuck sakes go eat a hamburger" and promptly walked back out the shop.
A week later I caught him outside watching a short skirt girl crossing the road on a very windy day. "Come on wind work your magic" says Antique man. Short skirt girls attempts at keeping her glorified "belt" down frustrates him. "Stop it you stupid slag! You wore the skirt, now let it fly!". needless to say there are many gems that spit themselves out of Antique Mans mouth, but I'm not gonna divulge them all...yet.

In other news I'm trying to get a better copy of photoshop seeing as mine got all frisky with my computer and but got denied and now refuses to work with me. It also refuses to read .raw format which is what i use 70% of the time.Bitches. Have i mentioned how much i want a Mac?

I'm not posting a pic today. I'm too tired and i have this dire need to clean my ears again for the third time this morning. My boyfriend says i clean mine too much, he says this pointing at me with a yellow ear bud hes just used. Mine are as clear as a glass of water.

I wanna learn how to become a dedicated e-bay'er. Its intimidating but the idea of competing for something i want excites me. Im gonna make it my mission to learn how to do this, this month.

My personal missions never really fabricate though..anyone wanna baby me?
12:54 AM

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting into using my camera again, although because the weather has been crap/shitty "CRAPITTY" and my three jobs are consuming all my time i've been pretty limited with what to take photos of.

When in doubt VAIN it out.
4:06 AM


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